Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Teachers are provided a brief overview and important links for getting started on using QuantHub in the classroom.

Access a printable Quick Start Guide here.

QuantHub's platform is designed to help teachers track progress, identify areas for improvement, and differentiate learning for complex analysis, statistics, and computer science topics.  

For a complete guide to implementation, visit the QuantHub Implementation Guide 

Getting Started  

You must confirm your account from the email invitation from support@quanthub.com. After you have created your account, access QuantHub from the Schoology App or upskill.quanthub.com.  

If your school district has access to QuantHub via Schoology, you can then access QuantHub directly from Schoology in the App Center or left-side menu. If you are NOT using the Schoology app, log in to your QuantHub account at upskill.quanthub.com 


Main Menu: Hover over the image icon in the top right corner to see your main menu.  

Study Next: List of incomplete skills in your current level.  

Skills Progress: See a summary of learning activities and skills mastered.  

More: Access the skill profile from the "more" button next to skill progress. Change level options and view learning activities and skills mastered  

Next Achievement: This is the current certificate you are working on.  

Learning Activity: Leaderboard status that refreshes every week. Compete with others in your school.

Your paragraph textSkill Profile 

View the skills in your learning path.  

Change the level you are pursuing and view all levels in your current learning path. Each level = A certificate and badge. 

There is no penalty for changing levels. Teachers and students may start and resume levels without ever losing progress.  



This menu item appears AFTER you have achieved at least one level (certificate). Click here to access and download your certificates



View all of your learning activity in one location. Access previously answered questions and resources.  

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 4.41.45 PM

Account Settings

Use Account Settings to update your profile picture, homepage, and password.

Help Center

Search a plethora of teaching resources and platform usage articles via the Help Center.



Generate reports on student grades, skills completed, participation levels and classes. Click here to learn how to read the Insights Dashboard.

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Create your classes and manage student accounts with class code: course code instructions 

Find FAQ's for classroom account management here


Lesson Plans: Discover standards-aligned skills. Lesson Plans-png-1

Best Practices 

  • Set a regular time that students expect to work on QuantHub. For example: Substitute days, Mondays, and Activity Bell-Schedule days.
  • Use QuantHub activity as a graded activity. Learn more about how to grade here.
  • Set a target for your class to earn certain certificates that align with your course.
  • Leverage Skill Reports on your Insights page in to inform your teaching strategies and personalize learning experiences. 
  • Post earned certificates, competition details, internship, and scholarship opportunities in your classroom.



Use the platform's communication tools to contact support. For more personalized assistance, reach out to support@quanthub.com


For a complete guide to implementation, visit the QuantHub Implementation Guide