How do I use QuantHub activity as a grade for my students?

With our student analytics, it is easy to use QuantHub for a grade or competition.

Grading based on Certificate Completion

QuantHub skills are grouped together within levels. Completion of levels provides the student with an Open Badge-compliant certificate that can then be used as proof of skill on resumes. Math teachers may choose to assign the Statistics or Data Analysis levels, for instance, and students may be required to earn their certificate for a project grade. Certificates are critical for students entering a skill-based workforce. Encouraging and incentivizing certificate achievement will help your students prepare for internships, college, and careers. 

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You can verify completion by requiring students to download their certificate and submit it in your LMS as a course assignment or assessment. 

You may also view students' achievements by clicking on the "Students" tab in your insights dashboard.

Select a student's name to view their achievements.

View a list of all the current skills, levels, and certificates available in the K12 Learning Path here. 

Grading based on Skill Mastery

The easiest way to use QuantHub as a grade is to award a completion grade based on a skill mastered. A student will have a blue check mark next to a skill that has been mastered in their individual skill report. 


Grading Based on Activity


If you have assigned Bellringers for certain days, you can view the activity that students have completed for those days in their individual activity page. Count days active for completion. 


9-week grades


Perhaps you want to see that students have been learning for a certain number of weeks out of a 9-week period. You can view that in the activity insights page. 




Class competitions are a great way to have fun and motivate students. Use neurons or skills mastered to have a leaderboard posted in your classroom. Schools have used this for competitions between classes or between students. Rewards do not have to be big. Simply rewarding with a homework pass, extra credit, or lunch party is enough to motivate any class. 


We would love to hear more ideas on how to incorporate QuantHub in your classroom. 

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