What are the best practices for adding my students to QuantHub?

Adding your students into QuantHub takes only a few minutes; however, as you probably know, students are not always reliable enough to follow instructions. Here are some tips on getting started quickly.

Congratulations on securing your accounts for yourself and your students. Now for the fun part!

Here are some best practices for a smooth onboarding experience that can be completed in just a few minutes of class time!

1. Decide on a rostering method: bulk or course code

2. Choose a 5-10 minute block of time for your class to create passwords and access their learning dashboard. You may choose to set aside a full 10 minutes to get your students logged in and master the first skill "Learning with QuantHub." Here is a lesson plan for introducing Data Literacy and getting started with the platform. 

3. If you are using the bulk sync or individual invitations, use the class time to allow all students to check their email and accept their QuantHub invitations from support@quanthub.com. Students will use their student email and a password. 

Encourage students to use a password that is used for other school applications or use their student ID. 

4. If you are using course code, monitor your class roster as students accept their invitations and join the class. Ensure that all students have followed instructions in real time.

It is important that students are monitored during onboarding and invitation acceptance to make sure that they create their accounts and begin using QuantHub without issue.

5. You can monitor your students' progress in joining the class on your "Classes" tab in Insights. 

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If you have any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to support@quanthub.com