How do I hide/unhide skill analyses results from test takers?

Learn how to toggle whether skill analyses recipients have the ability to view their qScore™ results.

If the skill analysis already exists:

  1. From the main dashboard, navigate to the "Skill analyses" section.

2. On this page, you will see the complete list of all skill analyses that already exist. Select which one you want to edit.

3. Click "Edit" found in the top left-hand corner.

4. Select or deselect "Show scores and report to recipients."

If the skill analysis is currently being built:

While you are building the skill analysis, in the second step labeled, "Setup," there will be an option at the bottom of the screen.

Select "Show scores and report to recipients" if you want to allow the recipients of the skill analysis to view their qScore results.

Learn more about skill analyses here. 

If you've followed these steps and are still experiencing issues, please reach out to