2/2/24 Updates

Group access for skill analyses, an additional learner report, and WCAG 2 Level AA Accessibility improvements.

Group Access to Skill Analyses

Admins now have the ability to tag skill analyses with specific groups, allowing for targeted sharing with managers. Additionally, the new feature to filter analyses by group enhances admin control, ensuring managers access only the relevant skill assessments. To learn more, click here.

New Learner Report

Admins have access to a new report on the "Skill" insights dashboard! This downloadable CSV contains every learner's skill mastery at their highest percentage per skill from the company’s default learning path. This is a great way to check if learners have mastered specific skills, or to simply track their progress.

Increasing Accessibility in Upskill 

In an effort to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 Level AA Conformance, QuantHub is diligently working on incorporating updates that will make our platform accessible to everyone. This latest push includes a change in text color on results screens to increase contrast and readability.