How do I use QuantHub for a whole group class activity or to focus on a specific concept?

Explore how QuantHub can be an effective tool for group activities and can be customized for your lessons.

What are Scavenger Hunts?

"Scavenger Hunts," offered by QuantHub, are engaging, brief activities that enhance skill mastery in specific educational topics. Perfect for initiating new lessons and fostering class discussions, they actively involve students in the learning process.

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You and your students can access scavenger hunt activities within the learning dashboard by hovering over the three dots next to a skill, then clicking "About this skill."

Scavenger hunts are accessible by clicking the "Study Now" button next to each resource.

If a student is locked out of a skill you have asked your class to master, they can easily continue learning about this skill by selecting a scavenger hunt in the skill detail page. 

Where are Scavenger Hunts Assignments Located?

1. From the dropdown menu in the top-right of your screen, select "Lesson plans."

2. Select the filter "by skill." Then select which skill category you would like to pull an assignment from for the Scavenger Hunt.

3. Select your desired skill focus.

4. From this window, you can "Preview" or click "Assignment" on a specific resource, or for the entire skill. A preview will allow you to look through the resource's or skill's content before assigning, and clicking the "Assignment" button will copy a link you can subsequently distribute to your students to complete.

Enhancing Classroom Discussions with QuantHub Resources

Integrating QuantHub’s Case Studies with Scavenger Hunts leads to more engaging and insightful classroom discussions. These resources encourage participation and deepen understanding of subjects.

Adapting Scavenger Hunts to Your Curriculum

Tailor Scavenger Hunts to cover topics outside the standard K12 Citizen Data Scientist curriculum, allowing you to expand the range of your lessons and engage students in a variety of subjects through interactive questions.

Personalizing Learning Experiences for Students

With Scavenger Hunts, you can adjust the difficulty level of the activities your students see. This can accommodate learning needs and educational goals to ensure effective and tailored experiences for each student.

When assigning scavenger hunts, teachers have the flexibility to determine the appropriate level of complexity for their class. QuantHub content that has not yet been curated and adapted for the K12 population may contain contexts and complexity that are more suitable for adult workforce development. If you come across a skill that includes content relevant to your course but is not part of the K12 path, we encourage you to reach out to us. We can work together to create a supplemental path tailored to your specific needs.

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