3/15/24 Updates

Students can join QuantHub with less friction, internal skills resources created, and bug fixes.

Autofilled Email Domains for Students Joining via Class Codes

When students access go to sign up for their class, they now have their email automatically filled in to prevent common errors like spelling.

A box around an example, filled in email domain under the "School email address" field.

If you don't see a default domain for your school, you can contact support@quanthub.com to start this setup process.

If the school email address domain is incorrect, students have the option to click "My email has a different domain." This allows them to fill in their email address manually, as shown below.

Screenshot showing the different "Join the class" information fields like "Full name" and "School email address."

To learn more about class codes, click here.

New Skills Resources

In our effort to shift from external links to internally developed resources, our content team has been refreshing skills, particularly our AI workforce skills.

Bug Fixes

We've focused on essential backend edits to enhance the overall performance and stability of the platform. There were a few locations in the application where a small number of users noticed an inflated neuron count. Don't worry, all you weekly champions; this issue did not impact our leaderboards. Next week, we will be recalculating and updating these users' neuron counts to align directly with the neurons earned through their responses.

If you have any questions on these latest updates, please contact support@quanthub.com.