10/13/23 Updates

Explore new Python, ML, and R skills in addition to our new K12 group code feature!

  • Minor bug fixes
  • 11 new skills were published (some skills are published for assessment use only):
    • Sharing a machine learning model
    • Planning a machine learning project
    • Training a machine learning model
    • The machine learning process
    • Preparing data for a machine learning project
    • Wrangling data with R
    • Modeling with R
    • Exploring data with R
    • Wrangling data with Python
    • Modeling with Python
    • Exploratory data analysis with Python

Class Codes for Teachers

  • We have added new class management capabilities for teachers in K12 schools. Teachers can now:

    • Create classes and add themselves as the teacher
    • Share a join code with students to allow self-enrollment into the class
    • View and remove students who have enrolled in their classes
  • Learn more about this feature here!