When will I get my results?

Recruiters may choose to share your results with you or they may not.

If your recruiter has chosen to allow you to view results, you will receive an email with your results and will be able to see them on your dashboard. 


  • IN PROGRESS : Test is not submitted yet and the deadline has not passed.
  • NEW: Test has not been started yet.
  • COMPLETED: Test has been submitted and scored.
  • PARTIAL: Test has been submitted without all questions answered. At least half of the questions have been answered, so the test is able to be scored.
  • INCOMPLETE: Test has been submitted with less than half of the questions answered. Test cannot be scored. 


Number of questions correct out of the total possible. Example: 9/12


Qscore. A score between 1 and 5. Read more about the QuantHub Qscore Here.