What's the difference in a Position, Test, and a Challenge?

There are three types of assessments that can be sent on QuantHub Hire. Each assessment type is graded automatically and reported on the qScore measurement (scale: 0-5).

A test includes a mix of multiple choice, fill in the blank, code reading/modifying, code sorting, and code writing questions. Assessment admins can control how many technologies are included in each assessment. Each technology includes 12 questions and a 24-minute time limit. These assessments are meant to be completed in a single sitting and were designed to be "open internet" tests.  Test administrators will have access to a qScore for each technology and a detailed report that includes the skill topic, difficulty level, and the amount of time spent on each question.

Challenges provide the test taker with real-world data sets while presenting problems aligned with real project responsibilities. Each test taker will receive access to a Jupyter Notebook, a data set, and a series of project responsibilities and questions to solve. Each challenge is designed to take between 2-4 hours, but not in a single sitting. Test administrators will have access to the code submitted by the test taker, a qScore for each technology, and a detailed report that includes the questions asked and the test takers response.

A position is an assessment that can include a test and/or challenge or both. Unlike sending individual tests and/or challenges, positions allow you to export and view assessment results in a single report or dashboard. Positions include all of the same functionality and customization as individual tests and/or challenges.