What can I expect on a QuantHub Assessment?

QuantHub assessments are used for vetting candidates as potential hires and benchmarking data teams across the globe.

How it Works

Quanthub skill tests measure proficiency across data science, data engineering, advanced analytics, and data literacy skills using a computer adaptive test (CAT) engine based on item response theory.

Each test taker receives a unique assessment, created in real-time, from a large pool of questions ranging in difficulty. Questions are selected based on the test taker’s response to previous questions. In 24 minutes or less per skill tested, a qScore measurement (scale: 0-5) of the test taker’s ability and knowledge of a specific skill is determined and reported. Note that QuantHub tests are designed to adjust to the test taker’s ability, adjusting the difficulty of the next question asked to approach the top level of the person’s ability. As a result, the test taker will likely answer a number of questions incorrectly simply because the QuantHub test has calibrated to their ability.


Assessment Structure

Each skill assessment is an adaptive assessment made up of a mix of multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, coding, and sorting questions. Each skill that the test administer has chosen will include 12 questions with a completion time of 24-minutes. Each assessment is unique and created in real-time from a large pool of questions ranging in difficulty.

Below are some important details you should be aware of before taking an assessment.

  • Each skill must be completed in its entirety (all 12 questions) before moving to the next section
  • The order of skills cannot be modified
  • The skill and question numbers are provided throughout the assessment (Python, 2 of 12)
  • Each test question must be answered before the next question is presented; Responses cannot be changed once they are submitted, nor can a test taker go back and view previous questions.
  • You cannot skip a question - each question presented requires a response
  • A timer showing the remaining time is accessible throughout the assessment
  • If you run out of time or rate your ability at a 0, you will not be provided with a score for that skill
  • The test must be completed in the time allotted in one sitting

What is an Adaptive Assessment?

Each QuantHub skill assessment is structured as an adaptive test. This testing style allows for a smaller number of questions asked while covering a broader skillset and ability. Each assessment will begin at a difficulty level of 3 and the difficulty will adjust to the test taker's ability. Quanthub’s data science and advanced analytics tests measure from an entry to PhD level of competency.