What are Neurons?

Neurons are QuantHub's unique point system used to quantify achievement within learning activities.

Neurons are points earned with correct or partially correct answers to questions in all assessment and study activities within the QuantHub Upskill learning platform.

The number of neurons that can be earned is based on the difficulty of the question. We leverage Bloom’s Taxonomy to guide the difficulty rating for each question. For instance, a simple identification or definition question would have a difficulty rating of 1 with up to 10 neurons awarded. A very complex question requiring an application of judgment and knowledge would have a difficulty rating of 5 with up to 50 neurons awarded. 

Answering a question correctly will award the learner with up to 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 neurons depending on the difficulty of the question and the learner's confidence in their answer, conveyed with their use of the slider tool. 

Find the total neurons earned within a learning activity in the top right corner. Find your cumulative total in the top right corner of your learning dashboard. 

You must complete an activity for the neurons to be reflected in your cumulative total, weekly activity bar chart, and weekly leaderboard.

You can complete a learning activity with the following actions: 

  • Answering 3 questions correctly in a review
  • Mastering a skill
  • Losing all your lives in an activity
  • Answering all questions in a resource study activity
  • Answering all available questions in a skill