Professional Development Registration for Alabama Teachers

This article is only for Alabama Teachers

You will need to register for all skills you have completed in the QuantHub platform to get Professional Development credit.

These course registrations are offered through AMSTI. It is the responsibility of the teacher to register for courses completed in QuantHub and verifying correct reporting on the PowerSchool transcript.

TEAMS Contract Teachers: The usage of QuantHub hours under your TEAMS contract may differ from one school to another. QuantHub's professional development services are provided via a state contract, and all courses, with the exception of the initial course required for access, are available asynchronously. This flexibility makes QuantHub an excellent choice for off-contract, state-approved professional development hours, provided your school authorizes the use of your credits in this manner.

Step 1: Verify the skills you have completed in your QuantHub account by viewing your “Skill Profile” accessible from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

Step 2: Click the registration link on this form next to the skill you have mastered to register for the course.

Step 3: Repeat the process for each skill you have mastered.

QuantHub will submit course rosters the last Friday of each month. AMSTI may take up to one additional month to report participation on your transcript.

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