What do the column titles mean in the "Insights" dashboard?

Explore our data dictionary for the "Insights" dashboard– designed for teachers, proctors, managers, and administrators.

Students (Learners): This column will display a list of all students unless you choose a specific group from the drop-down menu at the top of your insights.

Started: To start a skill, the learner must provide and submit a response or answer.

Responses: A response is the learner's selected or typed answer in reaction to a question, scenario, or activity.

Activities: An activity is completed if a learner meets one of the following criteria:

  • Lost all three lives
  • Answered five questions correctly
  • All questions have been answered in a scavenger hunt
  • All questions have been answered, or the time allotted for a skill check/review activity has expired.

Mastered: This percentage demonstrates the maximum skill strength a learner has achieved. 

Complete: This metric visually represents with a check mark whether the student has successfully attained a skill strength score of 100%.

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