How do you set up a QuantHub LTI integration with the PowerSchool Schoology LMS?

Schoology Admins can easily load the QuantHub app to their School or Districts Schoology Instance

Step 1: Add the QuantHub app to your account 

  1. Sign in to Schoology as an administrator.
  2. Visit the App Center at Navigate to My Developer Apps at and click the button “Add App”  to configure your QuantHub installation.
  3. Fill out the form with the following fields: 
    1. Name: QuantHub 
    2. Description: QuantHub helps teachers and professors teach data science skills in the education environment from middle school to college, using a hyper-tailored micro-learning approach that delivers differentiated instruction in a wide range of data literacy topics in only 10 minutes a day and without the headache of lesson planning. 
    3. Category: Mathematics, Professional Development, Science, Technology 
    4. Available for: Only people in my school Add Schoology App.

Caution: Not selecting "Only people in my school" will prevent the QuantHub app from working as expected. 

    1. Type of App: LTI 1.3 App  
    2. Launch in Schoology: Uncheck this box. This will allow Schoology to launch QuantHub in a new window. 

Caution: Checking this box will prevent the QuantHub app from working. 

    1. Can be installed for:  
      1. Users - App Center Dropdown Menu, User Profile Left Navigation Menu 
      2. Courses – Left Navigation, External Tool 
      3. Groups 
    2. Configuration Type: Manual 
    3. Privacy: Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool Type of App.
    4.  Domain/URL:  
    5. Custom Parameters: leave blank 
    6. OIDC Login Init URL:  
    7. Redirect URLs:  


  4. Upload an App Logo using the provided QuantHub logo: quanthub_app_logo.png

Alternate download option: QuantHub Logo.png

  5. Click the checkbox next to “This application meets the Schoology Terms of Use”.

  6. Click “Submit” to create the new app. 

Step 2: Provide the Client ID to QuantHub 

This ID must be provided to Quanthub via email. Please send it to

  1. Once the app has been created, use the Options dropdown to access the app’s API Info. This will provide your app’s Client ID.

2. Send the client ID in an email with the name of your School or District to

3. Once you have received confirmation that the client ID was added to your account, you are ready for the final step!

Step 3: Install the QuantHub app for students and teachers

  1. To install the new app to your organization, click the button “Install LTI 1.3 App”.Icon

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  2. Agree to the terms of service. Then select Add to Organization.
  3. Once added to the organization, you will be redirected to Find the new app in the list and click the button “Install/Remove”.  
  4. Check the boxes for all the locations you want the QuantHub app to be accessible for your organization, then click “Submit”.  

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Your QuantHub installation is complete! If you need further assistance or to schedule a support call, contact us at

Students, Teachers, and Parents can now launch QuantHub directly from Schoology.