How do I manage users in my company?

To add a user to your team, navigate to your avatar menu and click Teams.

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You can toggle between adding a Team or User from the menu items below.

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Adding Users

Any users with Company Admin permission will have the ability to add Users to your company profile.

  1. From the Users tab on the Manage Teams & Users Panel, click Add User
  2. Complete the form with the Users Name, Email, and appropriate Teams
  3. Click Send Invitation
    If you invite a User that doesn’t have a QuantHub account, they will be directed to create one

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 Read more about roles and permissions.

Removing a User

  1. From the Users page on the Manage Teams & Users Panel, locate the User from the list that you’d like to Remove
  2. Click Remove from the Actions menu

Adding Users to a Team

  1. From the Users tab on the Manage Teams & Users Panel, click Edit User from the Actions menu on the User you would like to edit
  2. Choose from the Teams dropdown list what Team you would like the user to appear. Do note that users assigned to a team will be able to manage positions and tests and challenges for that team. Users not assigned to a team may be selected as a reviewer for a position.