How do I help my ESL student start with QuantHub?

We have learner guides in different languages available that show learners how to use Google Translate with QuantHub to make learning about data accessible for anyone, no matter their language!

To make it easier for learners, QuantHub is designed to be mostly text-based and fully translatable using Google Translate. To help learners get started with QuantHub, we provide learner guides that they can use. These guides will not only assist them in navigating the platform but also help them activate the Google Translate plugin.

ESL New Learner Guide is available in the following languages: 



Haitian Creole


Chinese (simplified)

Gugarati (India)


Feel free to print and distribute this guide to your ESL students!

If you do not see your student's native language, submit a ticket to request another language. Translation of requests usually takes approximately 48-72 hours to complete.