How do I create a position?

Positions combine more than one skill or assessment type. Read more about how to create positions.

Confirm that creating a position is the best fit for your needs. Read more here.

Create a Position

  1. Click Positions from the parent navigation and click Create position
  2. Complete the position setup by entering position-specific information on each of the 5 tabs. More information on each input can be found by hovering over the information icon. Read more on our Position recommendations here.
  • General: Name, Location, Specify Role Family, Assessment Workflow
  • Skills: Test Name, Instructions, Test Results View, Technology and Skill Challenge Requirements, Communication Skills
  • Challenges: Basic Challenge Information, Test Results View, Select Challenge
  • Invitation: Select Invitation, Add Candidates, Invite Method, Deadline
  • Reviewers: Add reviewers
   3.   In order for users to receive the email invitation or redeem the invite code, you will need to             click Open Position.


Inviting Additional Users

You can invite users to existing or new invitations by clicking the Invite Candidates button on the Positions detail page. The Positions detail page is also accessible by clicking on the Position name from your dashboard.


Viewing Results

Position results can be exported to an excel file by clicking Export Position in the top right corner from the positions detail page.

The full assessment report for each user can be viewed by clicking the purple report icon.


Taking an Assessment

If you have admin permissions, your dashboard will have a Sent Button on the Recent Tests module. In order to take an assessment and redeem a code, you must toggle from Sent (the default) to Received.