Course Guides for Interdisciplinary QuantHub Integration

QuantHub integrates seamlessly to support a variety of core and elective courses. Students in all courses can benefit from instruction in data, informational, and digital literacy instruction.

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Course Guides

How to use course guides: 

Teachers can utilize course guides as a valuable resource to gain insights on how to integrate key concepts, engaging activities, and impactful lessons into their classes. It's important to note that QuantHub is continuously updating its content, adding new activities and skills to ensure its users receive the most up-to-date and valuable information. While course guides are not comprehensive, they serve as a helpful tool to familiarize yourself with all the offerings that QuantHub provides.

ACT Prep

ACT Preparation for Math and Science


Geometry with Data Analysis Course Guide

Algebra II with Statistics Course Guide


High School Science Course Guide

Computer Science/CTE

Career Preparedness Course Guide

Computer Science Course Guide