Assessment Skills Catalogue

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Advanced Modeling – Deep Learning
  • Applications of deep learning

  • Applying natural language processing with deep learning

  • Building deep learning architectures

  • Executing deep learning

  • Framing deep learning

  • Introduction to deep learning

  • Preparing data for deep learning

Advanced Modeling – Machine Learning

  • Deploying machine learning
  • Executing machine learning

  • Machine learning data

Artificial Intelligence

  • Applying AI in organizations
  • Designing human-centered AI products
  • Evaluating AI product performance
  • Introduction to boosting productivity with AI
  • Prioritizing AI initiatives

Databases & Wrangling

  • Applying OLAP/OLTP and implementing databases
  • Data structure and formatting
  • Describing data essentials
  • Feature engineering
  • Integrating and managing data
  • Managing processing and workflow
  • Selecting and working with databases and warehouses

Data Essentials

  • Applying data storytelling

  • Comparing methods

  • Describing data essentials

  • Designing charts

  • Identifying data and methods

  • Interpreting visuals

  • Selecting visuals

  • Using data 

Data Quality

  • Exploring and analyzing data
  • Exploring data quality and structure 


  • Exploring data with PySpark
  • Modeling with PySpark
  • Wrangling data with PySpark


  •  Exploratory data analysis with Python
  • Modeling with Python
  • Working with Python
  • Wrangling data with Python

Power BI

  • Analyzing data with Power BI
  • Reporting with Power BI


  • Exploring data with spreadsheets
  • Working with spreadsheets
  • Wrangling data with spreadsheets


  • Exploring data with SQL
  • Working with SQL
  • Wrangling data with SQL


  • Advanced modeling

  • Applying classification and clustering

  • Applying natural language processing

  • Applying time series analysis

  • Data exploration and description

  • Hypothesis testing and inferential statistics

  • Regression and predictive modeling

  • Sampling techniques 

Storytelling with Data

  • Applying data storytelling
  • Building data storytelling narratives
  • Choosing data storytelling elements
  • Connecting through data storytelling
  • Defining data storytelling audience/purpose
  • Designing Charts
  • Designing visual narrative text
  • Designing visual narrative
  • Gathering data for storytelling
  • Incorporating data in data storytelling
  • Interpreting charts
  • Presenting data stories
  • Selecting visuals
  • Structuring data storytelling narratives

Partial List of Additional Topics

  • Applying data ethics
  • Applying data to decision-making
  • Citizen's guide to SQL
  • Collecting data for statistical analysis
  • Defining data roles
  • Designing a statistical study
  • Designing surveys
  • Establishing data governance
  • Establishing organizational data strategy
  • Framing data problems
  • Identifying chart types
  • Interpreting metrics
  • Interpreting statistical results
  • Interpreting statistics
  • Introduction to data wrangling
  • Introduction to reading charts
  • Introduction to visual literacy
  • Managing data innovation
  • Managing data projects
  • Protecting your data
  • Selecting data tools
  • Shaping organizational data culture
  • Uncovering the story in data
  • Working with dashboards

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