9/1/23 Updates

QuantHub Upskill now enables keyboard navigation for assessments and full admin control over learner permissions

We're excited to share two new enhancements available now in QuantHub Upskill to improve your team's learning experience:

  • Increased admin flexibility - Admins now have full control to add and remove the learner permission when adding new users. No longer is learner enabled by default. Give your team access tailored to their needs. A user can be checked as only a learner, manager, or admin once again!
  • Keyboard accessibility - Learners can now navigate and respond to all assessments using just the keyboard, including tabbing through items, selecting answers with spacebar, and reordering choices with arrow keys. This allows for an accessible experience without needing a mouse.

While we continue work towards full WCAG 2.1 AA compliance, these updates provide major improvements in accessibility and flexibility for learners in QuantHub.


More detailed information on how users can respond to items using only their keyboard:
  • Tab takes users through the page elements and answer choices
  • Space selects/deselects answer choices
  • Up/down arrow reorders answer choices for order items

Learn more here about how to use QuantHub with only your keyboard!