8/4/23 New Features

Company authorizations and account recovery - Users can now keep their QuantHub progress with them throughout their career!

Companies can now manage users by inviting them to accept a company authorization. Users can accept the invitation by creating a new account or linking an existing account. Accepting the invitation authorizes the company to access the user’s data and manage their groups and permissions. All new users are prompted to provide personal recovery methods.

Either the company or the user can revoke the authorization, disconnecting the user from the company without deleting the account. This ensures that precious neurons and progress aren't lost for users!


How will this affect existing corporate customers?

There will now be less problems with deleting users and account recovery.

Will existing users need to create a new account?

No, but it is important to provide personal recovery methods like your phone number, email, and alternate email via "Account settings" from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner.

Will companies still have access to the individual user's data if they remove their account?

No, when companies or learners get removed via deleting company authorization, the user's data follows them.

What is the difference between deleting a user vs. deleting a user's company authorization?

Deleting a user and deleting their company authorization are synonymous actions.