6/7/24 Updates

New learning resources, bug fixes, and search feature changes.

Updated Learning Resources and New Skill Tests

Our skill "Recording data" has been updated with new learning resources. Additionally, "Exploring data types" now includes unique baseline skill tests to better assess your starting knowledge.

Unlimited Scavenger Hunts

With over 500 new learning resources, we want you to get the most out of our platform. To support this, we've unlocked scavenger hunts by removing the lockout and the 7-day restriction. You can now start scavenger hunts anytime.

Bug Fixes

We've addressed several bugs to improve overall performance and usability. This includes resetting the group filter on insights reports if the group stored in the session cannot be found and fixing an issue where an interstitial screen appeared after an assessment even if the current level or skillset was not completed.

Upcoming Changes to the Search Feature

We want to inform you that we will be turning off the current search feature on June 14th. While it has served us well over the past three years, we're excited to focus on delivering an enhanced search experience that can take advantage of all the new features and content we've added.
As we consider the new search, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please email our VP of Product, Trey Hoffman, at thoffman@quanthub.com with details on how you used the previous search function, your thoughts on the future search, or to book a meeting to share your insights directly.