4/26/24 Updates

Revamped login page with improved account stability.

Updated Login Page

We've made signing in to QuantHub even easier and more secure.

New Login Options

  • Sign in with SSO: Quickly log in using the new Single Sign-On (SSO) button on the main sign-in page for streamlined access.
  • Join a class: New users can join classes directly via a dedicated link, making it simpler to get started.
  • Resend confirmation email: Easily resend yourself a confirmation email to get started with QuantHub, speeding up the account creation process.

Enhanced Sign-in Accessibility

Our workflows comply with WCAG A standards, improving accessibility for all users.

Strengthened Signup Security

We've added ReCAPTCHA to the registration process to protect against automated abuse.


QuantHub Sign in page.

Bug Fixes

In our ongoing efforts to enhance platform performance, we've implemented a more reliable method for linking candidates to user accounts. By transitioning from email to unique IDs, we've significantly increased the stability of these connections, ensuring that candidate data remains secure and intact.