3/1/24 Updates

Screening candidates with assessments, tailoring lessons for certificates, extended class code time, and more.

Certificate-Focused Lesson Planning

To better support our education clients, we've enhanced the "Lesson Plans" tab with a new option to group skills "by certificates." This update allows teachers to customize lesson plans more effectively, enabling students to focus on earning specific certificates tailored to their learning goals.

Screen Job Candidates with QuantHub

QuantHub offers an assessment platform built specifically for screening data science and data analyst candidates. To learn more, click here or contact our assessment specialist, Mark Williams.

Extended Time for Class Codes

Following the valuable feedback we received, we are pleased to announce an update to our class code feature for our education clients. To ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout the school year, we have now extended the expiration period of class codes to a full 6 months.

Content updates

We're constantly refreshing our skills, such as "Identifying chart types" and "Interpreting chart scaffolding," by updating visuals, resources, and making other tweaks to ensure an engaging and improved learning experience.

Bug Fixes

To ensure our platform offers a seamless and optimal experience, we consistently prioritize bug fixes, aiming to provide our users with a dependable and smooth interaction.