2/9/24 Updates

New scavenger hunts, skill refreshes, improved platform performance, and more!

Scavenger hunts for internal learning resources

We've made an exciting update to our platform, introducing scavenger hunts within our internal learning resources for a seamless and engaging experience. More and more of our resources are featuring bite-sized excerpts from larger materials for quicker learning. Teachers can quickly share and preview these activities. This improvement significantly broadens our range of internal learning resources, making them more versatile and accessible.

Skills Get a Refresh

We continually revisit and refine our skills, including "Collecting data for statistical analysis" and "Discovering AI," to guarantee that all links function, resources remain current, and your learning experience is of the highest quality.

Prioritizing Current Assignments

We've enhanced our K12 customers' learning experience by deprioritizing review assessments, allowing students to concentrate on current lessons and assignments without the distraction of review prompts on their dashboards. K12 customers will have access to these reviews in their skill progress though. Corporate customers will still see review assessments (shown in red below) pop up at the top of their dashboard.

Bug Fixes & Performance Increases

Experience smoother, faster performance and fewer interruptions with our latest bug fixes and performance enhancements.