2/23/24 Updates

"Users & teams" dashboard updates for filtering accepted vs. pending invitations, and "Classes" tab enhancements for teacher and student management.

Filtering for Accepted vs. Pending Invitations

Exciting update on our "Users & Teams" dashboard! Admins can now seamlessly filter users by invitation status—accepted (green checkmark) or pending (grey arrow)—with a simple click on the checkmark icon. Plus, view the last invite sent time and access unique invite codes. Accepted invitations will display the acceptance time.

This enhancement completes our robust suite of dashboard filters, including Name, Email, Learner, Manager, & Admin for efficient team management.

Streamlined Class Management for Teachers

Introducing the latest update to our platform: Direct access to the "Classes" tab from the main navigation menu!
Now, effortlessly view all teachers associated with a class and edit student names right within the class view. This new feature enhances navigation and simplifies class management, ensuring easy updates and management of class information.

    Bug Fixes & Performance Increases

    We've implemented numerous backend updates to boost performance significantly. Enjoy a smoother, faster experience with our latest enhancements.