12/1/23 Updates

Enhancing User Experience with Streamlined Single Sign-On, Improved Domain Control, and Effortless Onboarding

Streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO) Experience:

We've simplified our SSO setup by removing outdated domains. This means a cleaner, more efficient sign-on process for you. Don't worry–all existing configurations have been smoothly transitioned to our updated Domain model, ensuring no interruptions in your service.

Enhanced Domain-Based Signup Control:

To maintain the integrity of organizational accounts, we now can detect when new users try to sign up with a company or school email domain that is registered in our system. Organizations can request specific domains to be recognized as well. This helps ensure that users are correctly signing up under their respective organization's umbrella, avoiding the creation of unnecessary individual accounts.

Student Account Recovery for Schools:

Students can now easily integrate their individual accounts into their school's network. If a student joins a class using a code and their email is already in our system but not yet confirmed, they can now set their password and officially join their school's domain during the onboarding flow.

Effortless Onboarding with Just-in-Time Provisioning:

We've introduced a new feature for enhanced sign-on efficiency. For our partner companies who have requested this service, we once again support just-in-time provisioning. This means when you first sign in using your company's Identity Provider (IdP), we'll automatically prepare your account in the background. Once your authentication is successful, your company authorization is immediately set up. You can then complete the standard onboarding process swiftly and start enjoying our platform. This update is designed to facilitate faster and more seamless access for our users!


These updates are designed to streamline your experience and enhance security and management for organizational accounts. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!