1/26/24 Updates

Skill analyses can now be shared with an open invite code, custom homepages, and QuantHub is OneRoster certified!

Open invite code for skill analysis

QuantHub's new open invitation feature broadens accessibility for skill analyses, making it especially useful in scenarios like campus recruiting. Skill analyses proctors/admin can now share an invite code widely, allowing candidates to easily participate in assessments with just their name and email, streamlining the talent acquisition and testing process. Click here to learn how to make a skill analysis open invite.

Set a Custom Homepage

Users can now personalize their homepage based on role and permissions, ensuring immediate access to the most relevant features and information upon login. Click here to learn how to do this.

QuantHub Is OneRoster Certified!

QuantHub has successfully launched a new feature allowing for the seamless import of roster data, fully compliant with the OneRoster 1.2 standard, to enhance our integration with platforms like Google Classroom and ClassLink, ensuring efficient and accurate data management.

Bug Fixes